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Amazon Price Adjustment: Get the Best Deals on Your Purchases

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, offers a multitude of ways for customers to save money on their purchases. One of these money-saving options is the Amazon Price Adjustment, a feature that allows customers to request a refund for the price difference if an item they bought goes on sale shortly after their purchase. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Amazon Price Adjustment, including its eligibility criteria, the process of requesting an adjustment, and some best practices for getting the most out of your Amazon shopping experience.

Understanding Amazon Price Adjustment

What is Amazon Price Adjustment?

Amazon Price Adjustment is a customer-friendly policy designed to ensure that shoppers get the best value for their money. It allows customers to request a refund for the price difference if an item they recently purchased goes on sale on Amazon. In other words, if you buy a product and the price drops within a specific timeframe, you can request a partial refund for the difference in price.

Why does Amazon offer price adjustments?

Amazon aims to provide its customers with an excellent shopping experience, and this policy is one way to achieve that goal. By offering price adjustments, Amazon demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction. It ensures that customers don’t feel frustrated when they miss out on a better deal shortly after making a purchase.

When can you request a price adjustment?

Customers can request a price adjustment if they meet specific criteria. The key condition is that the price drop must occur within seven days of your purchase. This gives customers a reasonable window to spot any price reductions and take advantage of the policy.

Eligibility for Amazon Price Adjustment

Who is eligible for price adjustments?

To be eligible for an Amazon Price Adjustment, you must have made the purchase on and not from third-party sellers. Additionally, the product must be shipped and sold by Amazon, and the request should be made within the specified timeframe.

Conditions for eligibility

Aside from the purchase source, there are other conditions for eligibility. The product must be in stock when you request the adjustment, and you should not have used any promotional codes or discounts when purchasing the item. Moreover, the adjustment does not apply to digital items, including e-books and Amazon Video purchases.

Timeframe for requesting adjustments

To be eligible, the price drop must occur within seven days of your purchase. It’s essential to note that Amazon Price Adjustments are limited to one per product, and they are not available for items purchased during promotional events like Black Friday.

How to Request Amazon Price Adjustment

Step-by-step guide for requesting an adjustment

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to the “Help & Customer Service” section.
  3. Select “Contact Us.”
  4. Under “What can we help you with?” choose “Returns and Refunds.”
  5. In the subject line, select “Other return or refund issue.”
  6. In the description, explain that you are requesting a price adjustment.
  7. Click “Send E-mail.”

Required information for a successful request

When requesting an adjustment, you must provide the order number and the current price of the item. You can find the order number in your order history. Ensure that the item is still in stock when you make the request.

Common pitfalls to avoid

Some common mistakes to avoid when requesting a price adjustment include not providing all the necessary information, not making the request within the seven-day timeframe, and attempting to use the policy on non-eligible items.

Benefits and Caveats of Amazon Price Adjustments

Pros of getting a price adjustment

The most significant advantage of Amazon Price Adjustment is that it allows you to save money on your purchases, even after you’ve made them. It’s a valuable feature for savvy shoppers who want to ensure they get the best deals available.

Potential drawbacks to consider

While price adjustments offer great benefits, there are some caveats to keep in mind. Not all products are eligible, and the adjustment must be requested within seven days. Additionally, it’s a one-time-only offer per product.

Amazon Price Adjustment vs. Price Match

It’s important to distinguish between Amazon Price Adjustment and price matching. Price matching is when a retailer matches a competitor’s price, while Amazon Price Adjustment is about refunding the difference if the price of a product you bought on Amazon drops. These are two distinct policies, so be sure to understand the differences.

Best Practices for Successful Amazon Shopping

Strategies for finding the best deals

  • Use price tracking tools: There are various online tools and browser extensions that can help you track price changes on Amazon. These tools can alert you when a product you’re interested in goes on sale.
  • Sign up for Amazon newsletters: Amazon often sends exclusive deals and discounts to its newsletter subscribers.
  • Utilize Amazon’s Lightning Deals: These are limited-time, limited-stock offers that can provide significant discounts.

Maximizing your savings while shopping on Amazon

  • Consider Amazon Prime: An Amazon Prime membership offers many benefits, including free two-day shipping and access to Prime-exclusive deals.
  • Shop during Amazon’s major sales events: Amazon hosts significant sales events throughout the year, such as Prime Day and Black Friday, where you can find substantial discounts.


Amazon Price Adjustment is a valuable tool that can help you save money on your Amazon purchases. By understanding the eligibility criteria and following the correct procedure, you can take full advantage of this policy and ensure that you get the best deals possible.

Don’t miss out on potential savings – make it a habit to check for price adjustments after your Amazon purchases. By doing so, you’ll maximize your savings and enjoy a more budget-friendly shopping experience.


1. Can I request a price adjustment for digital items like e-books?

No, Amazon Price Adjustment does not apply to digital items, including e-books and Amazon Video purchases.

2. Can I use promotional codes or discounts when requesting a price adjustment?

No, you should not have used any promotional codes or discounts when making the original purchase to be eligible for a price adjustment.

3. How many times can I request a price adjustment for the same product?

You can request a price adjustment only once per product.

4. Are third-party seller purchases eligible for price adjustments?

No, Amazon Price Adjustment is only applicable to items purchased directly from and shipped and sold by Amazon.

5. Is there a specific time of year when Amazon Price Adjustments are more common?

Amazon Price Adjustments are available year-round and can occur whenever the price of an eligible item drops within seven days of your purchase.

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