How to Report a Stolen Package on Amazon

In a world of convenience and online shopping, the last thing anyone wants to experience is a stolen package. Unfortunately, it can happen to the best of us. But fear not, for Amazon provides a straightforward process to report a stolen package and seek a resolution. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to ensure your stolen package issue is resolved efficiently.

Recognizing the Issue

Before we dive into the reporting process, it’s crucial to identify whether your package has genuinely been stolen. Here are a few common scenarios:

Package Not Delivered

First and foremost, check the tracking information. If it shows “Delivered” but you haven’t received your package, this is a red flag.

Neighbors or Family

Sometimes, a family member or neighbor may have picked up your package without informing you. Make sure to inquire with them before taking further action.

Amazon Photo Proof

Amazon often provides a photo as proof of delivery. Check this photo to confirm if the package was delivered to the correct location.

Reporting a Stolen Package

If you’ve confirmed that your package is indeed stolen, follow these steps to report the issue to Amazon:

Step 1: Contact Amazon Customer Service

The quickest way to address the issue is by getting in touch with Amazon’s customer service. You can contact them through the website or the mobile app.

Step 2: Provide Details

When you speak to an Amazon representative, be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Your order number
  • The tracking information
  • Details of the stolen package
  • Any relevant information about the delivery location

Step 3: Amazon Investigation

Once you’ve reported the stolen package, Amazon will initiate an investigation. They will contact the carrier and delivery driver to verify the delivery details.

Step 4: Resolution

Amazon’s main goal is customer satisfaction. They will work towards resolving the issue promptly. You may be offered a replacement or a refund for the stolen package.

Preventing Future Incidents

While Amazon takes steps to resolve the issue, it’s also essential to take precautions to prevent future incidents of stolen packages:

Use Amazon Lockers

If available in your area, consider using Amazon Lockers. These secure locations allow you to pick up your packages at your convenience.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can act as a deterrent for package thieves. Their presence alone can discourage theft.

Require Signature Confirmation

When placing orders, you can choose the option for signature confirmation. This ensures that packages are only delivered when someone signs for them.


Dealing with a stolen package can be frustrating, but Amazon’s customer-focused approach ensures that the issue is addressed promptly and effectively. By following the steps mentioned above and taking preventive measures, you can minimize the risk of future incidents and enjoy a worry-free online shopping experience. Your satisfaction and security are Amazon’s priorities, and they strive to deliver on their promise.

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