Fixing Stranded Inventory on Amazon

How to Fix Stranded Inventory on Amazon

Are you facing the challenge of stranded inventory on Amazon? You’re not alone! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to identify, resolve, and prevent stranded inventory issues. It’s time to optimize your e-commerce business.


Stranded inventory on Amazon refers to products in your inventory that are not available for sale due to listing errors or other issues. When your inventory is stranded, it can affect your sales and profitability. Let’s dive into the details of how to fix this problem.

Identifying Stranded Inventory

The first step in resolving stranded inventory is to identify it. You can do this by checking your Amazon Seller Central account. Look for any stranded inventory alerts, which will provide details about the issues affecting your products.

Common Causes of Stranded Inventory

  1. Listing Errors: These can include missing product information, incorrect categories, or mismatched product identifiers.
  2. Fulfillment Issues: Problems with your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipments can lead to stranded inventory.
  3. Product Restrictions: Certain products may have restrictions, preventing their sale.
  4. Inactive Listings: If your product listing is inactive, it may lead to stranded inventory.

Resolving Stranded Inventory

  1. Fix Listing Errors: Review and correct any listing errors by updating product information, categories, and identifiers.
  2. Resolve Fulfillment Issues: Ensure that your FBA shipments are processed correctly, and products are available for sale.
  3. Address Product Restrictions: If you encounter product restrictions, work with Amazon to meet the requirements for listing those items.
  4. Activate Listings: If your listings are inactive, reactivate them to make your inventory available for sale.

Preventing Stranded Inventory

To prevent stranded inventory, implement these strategies:

  1. Regularly monitor your inventory for any stranded products.
  2. Keep your product listings up to date with accurate information.
  3. Ensure proper fulfillment processes for FBA shipments.
  4. Stay informed about product restrictions and compliance guidelines.


Q1. How can I check if I have stranded inventory on Amazon? A1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and check for any stranded inventory alerts in your inventory dashboard.

Q2. Can I request Amazon to remove product restrictions? A2. In some cases, yes. You can contact Amazon Seller Support to discuss restrictions and potential solutions.

Q3. How often should I monitor my inventory to prevent stranded items? A3. Regular monitoring, at least weekly, is recommended to catch and resolve stranded inventory issues promptly.


Stranded inventory can be a significant roadblock to your Amazon sales. However, with the right approach, you can identify, resolve, and prevent this issue. By ensuring your product listings are accurate, addressing fulfillment problems, and staying informed about restrictions, you can optimize your e-commerce business and minimize stranded inventory.

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