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How to move amazon search bar to the top

The Amazon website is a hub for online shoppers worldwide, offering a vast array of products and services. One of the key features that facilitate user navigation and product discovery is the search bar. Positioned strategically, it serves as a gateway for users to find specific items quickly. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of the Amazon search bar and explore how you can optimize its placement by moving it to the top of the page.

Understanding the Amazon Search Bar

The Amazon search bar is more than just a simple tool for querying products. It’s a central component of the user interface, allowing visitors to search for items based on keywords, categories, or even specific sellers. Its prominence on the page reflects its importance in guiding users through the vast catalog of products available on the platform.

However, the default placement of the search bar, often located in the header or upper-middle section of the page, may not always offer the best user experience. Users accustomed to browsing other websites may expect the search bar to be at the top, leading to potential confusion and frustration when they have to hunt for it.

Challenges with the Default Placement

When the search bar is not immediately visible at the top of the page, users may encounter several challenges. Firstly, it disrupts their browsing flow, forcing them to scan the page for the search functionality. This deviation from expected behavior can lead to a decrease in user engagement and satisfaction.

Moreover, users navigating Amazon via mobile devices may face even greater difficulties due to limited screen real estate. Placing the search bar at the top ensures that it remains easily accessible regardless of the device used, thereby streamlining the browsing experience.

Benefits of Moving the Search Bar to the Top

Moving the Amazon search bar to the top of the page offers numerous benefits for both users and website owners. Firstly, it enhances visibility, ensuring that the search functionality is the first thing users encounter when they visit the site. This increased prominence encourages users to utilize the search bar, thereby improving overall engagement and conversion rates.

Additionally, relocating the search bar to the top improves accessibility, especially for users with large screens or those accessing the website on desktop devices. By reducing the distance between the search bar and the user’s point of entry, it minimizes the effort required to initiate a search, resulting in a more seamless browsing experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving the Amazon Search Bar

  1. Accessing the website code: Begin by accessing the source code of the Amazon website using a web browser’s developer tools.
  2. Identifying the search bar element: Locate the HTML element corresponding to the search bar within the code. This element is typically denoted by a unique identifier or class name.
  3. Adjusting the CSS positioning: Modify the CSS styles associated with the search bar element to change its position on the page. You may need to adjust properties such as position, top, left, and z-index to ensure proper alignment.

Testing and Optimization

After making the necessary adjustments to the search bar’s placement, it’s essential to thoroughly test the changes to ensure optimal performance. Check the website’s responsiveness across different devices and screen sizes to verify that the search bar remains visible and functional. Additionally, conduct user testing to gather feedback on the new placement and make any further refinements as needed.


Moving the Amazon search bar to the top of the page can significantly enhance the user experience and improve engagement metrics. By increasing visibility and accessibility, this simple optimization can streamline the browsing process for users and ultimately drive conversions. Incorporating this adjustment into your website design strategy can help maximize the effectiveness of the Amazon platform as a sales channel.


  1. Is it possible to move the Amazon search bar without coding skills?Yes, there are various website builders and content management systems that offer drag-and-drop interfaces for customizing page layouts, including the placement of elements like the search bar.
  2. Will moving the search bar affect my website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance?As long as the search bar remains accessible and functional, its placement should not have a significant impact on SEO. However, it’s essential to monitor website analytics and user feedback to ensure that the changes positively impact user experience.
  3. Are there any drawbacks to moving the search bar to the top of the page?While moving the search bar can improve accessibility and user experience for most visitors, it may require additional design considerations for certain website layouts or screen sizes.
  4. Can I customize the appearance of the search bar after moving it to the top?Yes, you can further customize the search bar’s appearance using CSS styles to match your website’s branding and design aesthetic.
  5. Does Amazon provide guidance or support for optimizing the placement of the search bar?While Amazon does not offer specific guidelines for moving the search bar, you can refer to their developer documentation and community forums for assistance with website customization and optimization.

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