How to add gift card to amazon account?

How to add gift card to amazon account?

Gift cards have become the go-to gift for many, offering recipients the flexibility to choose what they want. Amazon, being a giant in the online retail space, provides a seamless experience for adding gift cards to user accounts. Let’s dive into the process step by step, ensuring you can make the most of your gift card balance.


In recent years, gift cards have emerged as the perfect solution for those tricky-to-shop-for individuals. Amazon, with its vast array of products, has capitalized on this trend, offering a wide range of gift cards for every occasion.

Importance of Gift Cards on Amazon

Gift cards have become a preferred choice for gift-givers due to their versatility and the recipient’s ability to choose what they truly desire. On Amazon, the options are limitless, making gift cards an ideal present for any celebration.

Types of Gift Cards on Amazon

Amazon doesn’t just offer generic gift cards. Users can choose from themed cards, customized designs, and even corporate options. The flexibility of Amazon gift cards makes them suitable for any recipient and occasion.

Purchasing a Gift Card on Amazon

The process of buying a gift card on Amazon is straightforward. Navigate to the Gift Cards section, choose the desired card, customize it, and proceed to checkout. The user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free purchase.

Receiving a Gift Card

Amazon provides various delivery options for gift cards. Whether it’s through email, physical delivery, or other digital means, users can select the method that suits them or their recipients best.

Understanding Amazon Gift Card Codes

Once a gift card is purchased, it comes with a unique code. Understanding the format of this code is essential, and users should keep it secure to prevent any unauthorized access.

Adding a Gift Card to Amazon Account

If you’ve received an Amazon gift card and you’re wondering how to add it to your Amazon account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log In: Log in to your Amazon account using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up.
  2. Navigate to Your Account: Once logged in, go to the “Your Account” page. You can usually find this by hovering over the “Accounts & Lists” option on the top right corner of the Amazon homepage.
  3. Payment Options: Look for the “Payment options” or “Gift cards” section. This might vary slightly depending on your location.
  4. Add a Gift Card: In the gift cards section, you should see an option to “Redeem a Gift Card.” Click on that.
  5. Enter Gift Card Code: You will be prompted to enter the code on your gift card. Scratch off the coating to reveal the code, and carefully enter it into the provided space.
  6. Click “Apply to Your Balance”: After entering the code, click the “Apply to Your Balance” button. Amazon will verify the code, and the gift card amount will be added to your account balance.
  7. Confirmation: You should see a confirmation message indicating that the gift card has been successfully added to your account.

Checking Gift Card Balance

To avoid any surprises during checkout, users should regularly check their gift card balance. Amazon provides an easy way to verify the remaining balance in real-time.

Redeeming Gift Cards for Purchases

When making a purchase, users can choose to redeem their gift card balance during checkout. This process is seamless and ensures that the gift card amount is deducted from the total cost.

Managing Multiple Gift Cards

For users with multiple gift cards, keeping things organized is crucial. Amazon offers features to help users efficiently manage and utilize multiple gift cards.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Despite its user-friendly nature, users might encounter issues. This section addresses common problems and provides solutions, ensuring a smooth experience.

Security Measures for Gift Cards

Given the prevalence of online scams, it’s essential to secure gift card information. Tips on keeping codes safe and avoiding potential scams are discussed here.

Gift Cards as a Payment Method

Amazon allows users to use gift cards as a primary or partial payment method. Understanding the nuances of this feature ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Gift Card Expiry and Refund Policies

Users should be aware of Amazon’s policies regarding gift card expiry and refund options. This section clarifies any potential concerns users might have.


Adding a gift card to your Amazon account is a straightforward process that enhances your shopping experience. The flexibility, ease of use, and variety of options make Amazon gift cards a perfect choice for any occasion.


  1. Can I use multiple gift cards for a single purchase on Amazon?
    • Yes, Amazon allows users to use multiple gift cards during checkout.
  2. Do Amazon gift cards expire?
    • Amazon gift cards do not have an expiration date.
  3. What should I do if my gift card code is not working?
    • If you encounter issues with your gift card code, contact Amazon’s customer support for assistance.
  4. Can I transfer my Amazon gift card balance to another account?
    • Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow the transfer of gift card balances between accounts.
  5. Are there any restrictions on the products I can purchase with an Amazon gift card?
    • In most cases, Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase any product on the platform without restrictions.

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