Amazon Business Account Benefits

Amazon Business accounts provided a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Business-specific pricing: Amazon Business offers exclusive pricing and quantity discounts on millions of products to help businesses save money on their purchases.
  2. Free shipping: Businesses with an Amazon Business account are eligible for free two-day shipping on qualifying items, as well as free shipping on orders over $25.
  3. Multi-user accounts: Amazon Business allows businesses to add multiple users to a single account, each with their own login and purchasing privileges. This allows businesses to track purchases and control spending more easily.
  4. Tax exemption: Businesses can apply for tax exemption on their Amazon Business purchases if they are eligible.
  5. Analytics and reporting: Amazon Business offers analytics and reporting tools to help businesses track their spending and identify cost-saving opportunities.
  6. Payment options: Amazon Business allows businesses to pay with a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, and purchasing cards.
  7. Customer support: Amazon Business offers dedicated customer support to help businesses with their purchases and account management.

It’s important to note that benefits and features of Amazon Business accounts may change over time

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